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VAERK9000 is an international theater, performance and event company with a primary focus on the seeking, expanding and established artists.


VAERK9000 strives to unite the growing layers of culture and art in it’s many forms existing in Aalborg. So as to promote Aalborg Nationally and internationally as a culture city. It is our vision that VAERK9000 can establish a stationary house where various artistic layers are nurtured to create their chosen art forms together through knowledge sharing, mentoring, and an open exchange of experiences, ideas and support.

Integrating the artists that reside in Aalborg and our surrounding areas into the city of  Aalborg is a key motivational factor and priority for VAERK9000. It is crucial that there is a place for all of our artists to develop, create and grow together with other artists so as to establish and promote the longevity of Aalborg as a culture city. Which in turn gives the artist a solid base to continue to create within city of Aalborg.

VAERK9000 strives to be the melting pot where fine culture meets the underground. Where individual art in all it’s many forms melts together to create a diverse cultural scene where creativity flourishes. When creativity flourishes so does the economy of the city. VAERK9000  is committed to establishing the solid base for this synergy to begin.

VAERK9000 recognizes that while a physical place to create from is a necessity, that there is additionally a need for tools that the expanding artists can learn from and share in the process of their growth and creativity. These include but are not limited to, performance shows, events, international tours, continuous workshops in theater, event and performance such as manuscript writing, idea development, movies, circus, photo, innovative technological art, installation art, music and so on.

  • It is VAERK9000’s first priority to create a space for the exceptional, creative potential that exists in north Jutland and connect the fine culture to the underground.

VAERK9000 strive to set the tone for Aalborg to expand into the whole of Denmark as well as internationally as a place where the exceptional, expanding artist can live work and create in a city that embraces and meets the challenges of being a culture city not just on paper but in practice.