• Co-founder of VAERK9000
  • Currently residing in: Aalborg, Denmark
  • Born: 1972

Creative connector with focus in International exposure. Michelle is VAERK9000’s daily operations leader and responsible for set, design and build.

Direct contact:  Michelle@Vaerk9000.dk


Guitarist and songwriter in the band Jack Off Jill.

Michelle Oliver has been a part of the alternative music scene since the early 1990’s. The band was known for it’s shock rock style. Jack Off Jill started 1992 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and consisted of four females.


The 4. band members:

• Jessicka Adams (Singer)

• Robin Mulder (Bassist)

• Tenni Arslanyan (Drummer)

• Michelle Oliver (Guitarist)

The first recordings were produced by long time friend and fellow goth-rocker  Marilyn Manson. The two bands toured together many times throughout the years. Marilyn Manson functioned as a producer and mentor.


From 1992 – 2000 The band wrote and recorded the following works:

• Children 5 and Up (1993, Demo)

• The Boygrinder Sessions (1994, Demo)

• Cannibal Song Book (1995, Demo)

• Cockroach Waltz (1996, Demo)

• Sexless Demons And Scars (1997)

• Covetous Creature (1998, EP)

• Clear Hearts Grey Flowers (2000)

• Humid Teenage Mediocrity (2005)

• My Cat 7 inch.

• Girlscout 7 inch.


During her career as a rock musician Michelle has performed in small club venues as well as some of the largest arenas with many other well know bands such as Monster Magnet, Marilyn Manson, Joan Jett, Flock of Seagulls, Lunachicks, Tribe 8 and Sugarsmack to name a few.

– In 1999  Michelle co-wrote the bands final album “Clear Heart Grey Flowers” and played her final show on tour with Monster Magnet and Marilyn Manson.

Michelle describes her time as a ”rockstar” as 5 minutes of her creative life.



In 2010 Michelle became married with a danish girl. Because of the lack of recognition of their marriage by the federal Government the two went back and forth between the two countries before settling in Aalborg, Denmark. Michelle is currently learnings the Danish language.



February 2012 – current: Stage Manager and set design/build at Det Hem’lige Teater. (The Secret Theatre)


Productions to date:

Hjemsøgt: Show leader and effects technician.

Spejlet: Show leader. Scenography

I Krig:  (At Aalborg’s war museum.) Show leader, lights and effects technician.

Aura: Scenography and show leader.

Gaden: Scenography and show leader.

Mowgli: Costumes.

Sommerpiger: Scenography.

Dage som døde: Scenography and show leader.