• Co-founder VAERK9000
  • Currently resides in: Aalborg, Denmark
  • Born: 1983

Henriette Rise : Artistic leader with  focus areas in performance Art, and Theatre Directing. Including education and innovative multimedia art.

Direct Contact:  Rise@Vaerk9000.dk


Henriette Rise is Avant-gardistic in her way of thinking, militaristic in her approach and OCD like in her execution. Henriette Rise is humbly described as a stringent performance artist that is driven by a passion for art as well as the development of individual artists.  Henriette is always seeking depth and extravagance in the whole of the universe.

Henriette Rise in the past many years has moved broadly within the stage artistic area. For many years she has excelled as an actress, teacher and director, all the while insisting that there is place for the underground as well as the high culture. In her pursuit to further her artistic self she has worked in many areas, including but not limited to:


• Master classes

• Historical city walk tours in Aalborg, Denmark

• Directing

• Event co-ordinator

• Teambuilding

• Youth theatre

• Street theatre

• Children’s theatre

• Performance shows

• Photoristic designs

• And much more

Being a self-taught artist has largely been an advantage, allowing her the freedom to remain in constant development while continuing to seek new solutions and approaches. With this path it is certain that as an artist Henriette Rise is far from finished and will continue to grow.

Henriette is a natural multi-media artist. She functions best when she has time and room to develop ideas to reality while surrounded by creative forces. Henriette is the one to call when you need things put into perspective. She thrives in areas that others might consider edgy or risky.  When formulating an idea Henriette thinks outside the box but with millimeter-like precision. Details are an obsession for Henriette and it is easy to see why she is considered an aesthetician in all that she creates.



2014: “Bæredygtighedsfestival i Aalborg”.
2013: “Stringent Performance Trold Tæmmes” Cowork between CultureNight Aalborg – Sofie Trolde, and VAERK9000
2013: Chairman the new “culturnight Aalborg” At Østre havn Oct.11.

2013. Wote and directed the show:  TRAPPED. The show was produced by VAERK9000 og was performed at Utzon Cente in Aalborg and Off Broadway in New York City the summer of 2013.

2013: Private mentoring for the audition to the 3 Acting schools in Denmark.

2013: Is currently working at Theatre Kamikaze, Aalborg production school.


2012: K-Vold1624 . A piece about violent relationships. Teacher/ 0.5 director Vs HENLA

2011: Private Audition Team. 5. students. Due to the auditions at the 3. Acting schools in Denmark. A course of 5 months. Private   Teacher / Mentor

2011: Circus les Folies. Freak show VS HENLA . Physical performance show. Theatre kamikaze

2011: Aarhus Festuge – Street performance in Aarhus. Theatre Kamikaze

2011: Project 2. HENLA – body movement and performance art at Theatre kamikaze. Teacher/ 0.5 director

2011: Aalborg history Theatre in the streets; Kamikaze

2011: HENLA – vs. Kungfu tøjet – A peeking opera based on body movement. Kamikaze. Teacher/ 0.5 director



2010: Auditions for the 3 theatre schools in Denmark

Distance Learning – Auditions taught from New York over Skype.

Directed a city walk in Hals – Historical Street performance.



2009: Youth production; Teacher, Director and Scriptwriter:  “The clown who made the world silent”

2009: Arts school for talented kids; 1st Step – Instructor / Director Step – Teacher / Director: “The game of the future”

2009: Arts school for talented kids; 4th Step – Instructor Step – Teacher and Director: ”Are angels really unborn children?”

2009: City walks in Hals / Historical Street performance. – Director

2009: Summer workshop in Masks, at Limfjord’s Theatre – Coordinator and Leading director.

2009: Theatre School for talented kids – “Halfdan Rasmussen – Now on Swings” Talent development – Talent Region North.

2009: Youth Production: “Alice’s adventures outside the country of fairytale “  Divided into 2 teaching teams: 1. Team: Movement / physical acting and 2.:Text position/Voice – Function: Scriptwriter – Teacher – Director


From the beginning of 2008 and until now, I’ve worked as a mentor and private teacher for actors in working progress, preparing for auditions, filmmaking, etc.


2008/09 MasterClass (I built – in 2008- the team up from scratch in frustration, due to the fact that the talent didn’t have any alternatives in the city of Aalborg .)

2009: MasterClass – All in all 11 Auditions for The national theatre schools. – Odense Theatre – Århus Theatre, and The national Theatre school.

2009: Le grande Ceremonial” by Fernando Arrabal. – Director. Jako-Bole Theatre / Det Hem’lige Theatre.

2009: Master class – Creative director, Developer and main teacher / mentor of the course



2008: Master class – Creative director, developer and main teacher / mentor of the course

2008: Arts school for talented kids 1st trin.: “The animals in the dark” – motion Physical performance with the region of Northern Talent

2008:  Arts school for talented kids: 2.step. “Role playing fantasy” talent Northern Region

2008: Arts school for children in Northern region, step 1 Limford theatre : “The cool Pirates”

2008: Arts school for children in Northern region, step 2 Limfjords theatre : Dødens detektiv Limfjords theatre: “detective of the Death”

2008: “strings vie” juvenile production in cooperation between “Det Hem’lige Theatre” – Aalborg Youth School, and Carnival in Aalborg. – Scriptwriter and director.



2007: Den lille Pige Bag Masken, Youth production: idea and manuscript writer.2007:  “The little girl behind the mask”, youth production – Idea and script, Director



Selected Events & co-productions The Relation Hem’lige Theatre:

2012: Street Performance – In co-operation with “Visit North of Jutland”

2011: Street Performance – In co-operation with “Visit North of Jutland”

2010: Street Performance – In co-operation with “Visit North of Jutland”

2009: “Don’t look back” in the art gallery: “Kunsten” in Aalborg (Still playing)

2009: “Story telling” / event at Helligåndsklosteret (the holy spirit monastery)

2009: ”Fuck Mozart” – Aalborg Opera Festival

2009: “Historical performances” – Visit Aalborg

2009: ”Advertising” for Aalborg Opera Festival

2009: “Ghost Ride” in Karoline Lund.

2008: Cultural Night: “Torture Event for Amnesty” and Mercury banking

2008: Historic day in Aalborg

2008: Aalborg Opera Festival

2008: Business management board structure – Function: Event Coordinator.

2008: Condom Campaign – Board of Health

2008: HSE – event of accidents

2008: KRAM Health Campaign

2007: Aalborg Opera Festival

2007: Theatre as served – Historical Museum

2006: “In the shadow of Mozart” – Aalborg Opera Festival

2006: “Royal” for the Queen of Denmark Margrethe, Aalborg helligåndskloster (The holey spirit monastery)

2006: Cultural Night for Amnesty: “Political detainees / torture”

2005: Aalborg Opera Festival

2004: Speed Event North

2004: Cultural Night for ”Nordjyske Stiftstidende (News studio, and papers)

2003: Cultural Night for Nordjyske Stiftstidende (News studio, and papers)

2003: Speed Event North Jutland Road – “Victims of drunken drivers”



2010: “Behind the walls of the monastery”

2009: “Aalborg in the time of cholera”

2008: “In the shadow of occupation”

2007: ”Witches in Aalborg”

2006: ”Witches and Executions”

2006: ”Trade and adultery”

2005:  “Horrible Aalborg” 



2006: “The Idiots” – Lars Von Trier

2005: ”Vagina monologues” – Eve Ensler

2005: “Life never stands still” – Birgitte Klit Kjær

2003: “Sleeping Around” – Hilary Fannin, Stephen Greenhorn, Abi Morgan and Mark Ravenhill

2003: “The scent of jasmine” – Garcia Lorca

2002: “The wings of a pigeon”



2004: “Autobahn Baby” 

2003: “Stomp Ville” – Pia Demarch – Jakob Rose – Peter Flyvholm

2002: Lonely Hearts – Beatles: “Lonely Hearts Club” – Pia Demarch



2006: “Warzone” – Total Theatre at the Eternit in Aalborg

2005: “Animal Farm”: George Orwell – at the Eternit in Aalborg

2004: “Transport” by: Simon Boberg – at Louise space in Aalborg

2003: “Night shelters” by Maxim Gorky – The back yard at Jomfru Ane Theatre



2008: ”Conflict management” – Edvantage group

2008: ”Conflict management” – Edvantage group

2002: Short film: ”Grisebassen”



2007: “Young Blood” – tattoo painting artist

2005: “Better than the real thing” – full paint face paint

2004: ”Kids TV” – face painting

2003: Children Events for advertising: Face Painting

Besides these I have made a lot of different freelance jobs as a makeup artist / face painter/Body painter at different events etc.



2006: ”Love – Don’t love”  Morten Hembo

2006: “Take the stairs” Torben Jørgensen

2005: “Better than the real thing” Flemming Lindvang



2012 Trin 2 Iværksætteruddannelsen under Aalborg kommune (Business course)

2011 Trin 1 Iværksætteruddannelsen under Aalborg kommune (Business Course)

2011 cognative guidance – Marianne Schöler

2009 Course in CPR

A couple of courses taken in 2006 at Aalborg Universitet.

1999 – 2001: HF. Aalborghus gymnasium