Om os

Knowledge About.

The three core members of Vaerk9000 have a wide area of competence due to our many combined years of experience working in different areas of stage and performance.

  • A common thread for the three Partners is the shared drive in the constant pursuit of new knowledge, learning and understanding of the artistic field in a wide sense.
  • Without compromise each of the 3, has separately met our individual goals through recognizing where we are lacking and than through our personal pursuit of knowledge, have we grown and learned as needed or desired.
  • This approach has allowed us to separately gain knowledge from private sectors as well as business sectors as we recognize that there is always something new to be learned.

As VAERK9000 in the future works in different layers of society, these shared, learned experiences will allow us to take a wide approach to problem solving and adaption to an ever changing financial landscape.

We are each comfortable working in the different layers of society.

VAERK9000 as artists feel a responsibility to contribute to Aalborg as our city strives to establish itself as an international culture city.

With our combined experience and competences we feel that we can succeed in luring the self standing artist and the culture supporters into Aalborg as a cultural city.

Through our combined individual experience and knowledge we strive to become a flagship leading into and out of Aalborg for the seeking, established and expanding artist.

With the proper funding we are confident that VAERK9000 can create a diverse house where business and culture work together to create a mutually profitable and culturally diverse Aalborg as well as create a desirable frame for artists from Denmark as well as international origins to come and contribute to and take from. Allowing and setting the stage for synergy to embrace Aalborg and promote our city on a national and international level.

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